hello, i'm Veli.

you can move me with arrow keys

the internet was many things.

for me, the internet was my parent, teacher, and friend.

for others, the internet is just a mere presence, something they interact with sometimes. or maybe they don't even know how to use it.

technically speaking, the internet is just one huge database and then a bunch of designers eventually got hold of it and made it look pretty and easier to understand for the masses.

but also the internet is different for everyone.

sometimes i think it rules my life more than my free will.

my whole life give or take the first six years is documented online somewhere.

hmm.... let me show you my internet 😃😃😃

bratz club penguin fireboy and watergirl garden party gmail google haircut jenna marbles lyric videos netflix oyunlar 1 pet society poptropica youtube

but all good things come to an end. actually all things come to an end. maybe except time.....


the need to own everything ruins things.

and when these things are ruined, they must be stopped.

but sometimes things are also just bad on their own.... like internet explorer. or things get exposed and have to be put to an end... like theranos....

clicking onto this page has revoked your access to the internet forever.


farewell, world...







        .--.   |V|
            /    \ _| /
            q .. p \ /
             \--/  //
       bye  __||__//
           /.    _/
          // \  /
         //   ||
         \\  /  \
          )\|    |
         / || || |
         |/\| || |
            | || |
            \ || /
          __/ || \__

this is the end.